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Kurento-media-server Spring Boot Docker Crashes Appserver
The port 8888 is a Websocket Secure port. You have to use -Dkms.url=wss:// or change your kurento.conf.json in Kurento Server to expose the 8433 port and them you can use a ws:// protocol1. Setting Plex media server on Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop?Go into the Plex web app and ask it to scan your Music folder2. Can Linux GUI be installed on a Linux media server?Corbett Baker is right and wrong (no offence, CB); Yes, x windows can be run on any Linux version, server or desktop. Some server versions (I believe Ubuntu Server, for example) do install with a GUI, but most do not , as what one is supposed to do is have the server in the server closet and then run it over SSH and netcat from your desktop machine. n But Corbett Baker is mistaken when he says that either GNOME or KDE are least taxing. Generally speaking, unlike Windows, the GUIs in Linux are ALL fairly lightweight. But they all do draw a fair amount of RAM and video memory, so you would want to minimize the footprint of the GUI. GNOME and KDE do not minimize much of anything, since they are GUIs for desktop systems. n So actually, the very least taxing (and least user friendly) is the original X Window (XDM). Next up are the LightDMs, such as LXCE and XFCE, and you can compare them here (Comparison between LXDE and Xfce) then there is also lubuntu (that's with the letter "L", lower case) or kubuntu, which you can install using this command: 'sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop'; KDE is the mother GUI, if you will, of kubuntu, but it's fairly light. n Personally, I would go with XFCE, if your system is REALLY old, (like, more than 5 years old) or GNOME 2 (GNOME fallback), which can be installed using this command: 'sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback'. No single quotes, no period, but do not forget the semi-colon between the two commands or Linux will get mad at you. GNOME 2 is not that light, but it's not as oomph-y/heavy as GNOME 3, and is equally user-friendly.Can Linux GUI be installed on a Linux media server?.3. Can I set-up the PS3 Media Server with the 'Map network drive' option on My Computer (PC)?Ps3 Network Drive4. PS3 Media Server Installation on 14.10Your problem is that there is no package available for 14.10 - the PPA only has packages for versions up through 13.04. See the PPA info here for supported versions. It appears that the PPA has not been updated for going on two years.5. how do i connect to a media server on my ps3?Your PS3 is not a media server. that's a media server shopper, so your acquaintances are actually not choosing up your PS3, it would could be that your PS3 is choosing up a media server working on their pc's6. High usage media server performance question Backup solutionsounds like the exact usecase for file-like distributed/replicated systems. there are lots of them, my first options would be mogileFS for simplicity or GlusterFS for maturity.specifically, i would use mogileFS if i have full control of the code (likely in web applications), and GlusterFS if not (more common on LAN setups and desktop apps).7. Access to the media server is denied?Denying Access To Your Pc8. PS3 media server lagging problem with videos even with fast connection?This Site Might Help You. RE: PS3 media server lagging problem with videos even with fast connection? I have verzion fios DOWNLOAD SPEED 28.17 Mbps UPLOAD SPEED 19.86 Mbps Obviously this is not some elite speed but its pretty decent for the things I need to do When playing movies that are about 4GB in size wirelessy with ps3 media server why does it lag so much? I dont think my...9. How can I find the bottleneck in my media server setup?It could beSignal strength and signal quality do not always go hand in hand. Think about somebody shouting in a tunnel-the volume is there, but the clarity will be drowned out by an echo.One test would be to set up a new SSID and password and connect only the Apple TV and your streaming computer to it (temporarily) and see how that goes.
I Have Ps3 Media Server but When I Try and Play Some Movies/shows From It,it Says Folder Empty When
make sure your on the right tab. ex: if you want to stream a video, you must be on the video tab. same goes for photos and music1. Why does the Android media server consume 90% CPU after moving files, until reboot?Because it basicly has to rebuild your hard drive every time. The high cpu usage is kind of a false positive. The high rate is due to IO wait from having to use the speed of the hard drive but you can not have your phone doing anything else while it changes things on your drive. Thus your cpu is hogged to a single process.Also since this is a Linux machine Linux actually builds hardrives in sectors which results in great speed and the ability to move files easily. But requires a high overhead on start due to all the indexing its doing. SD cards are often the main culprit in causing this slow down too.Why does the Android media server consume 90% CPU after moving files, until reboot?2. Media Streamer / Media Server solution for watching ripped dvd's on my TVI would try using AVIDemux instead of Handbrake.What you do is use DVDDecryptor to decrypt the disk. DVDDecryptor has a setting in it that allows you to merge all the . VOB files into a single . VOB. Then you can use handbrake or AVIDemux to rip the movie to h.264 mp4 or to mpeg4 avi . Then you can use TVersity media streamer to stream from the source machine as long as the client machine, connected to your computer can read and play the stream on your TV3. IIS media server tuning (compression cache limit?)I increased the compression cache size to 10 GB and changed the cache variables to increase retention. A month later, the cache contains only 20 MB of text files (HTML, JS, CSS). I would guess that IIS compressor was programmed to ignore media files.4. How can I transfer a movie to my ps3 without using a usb or a media server?you can use most mobile phones as a usb flash drive. If you do this, do not install any software onto your pc, just go to Computer (My Computer in xp), and it should show up as a removal hard drive. Just copy directly onto it, and then from there to your ps3. PSP's also work, ipods, etc work too. Another option is to burn the movie onto a disk, then copy it to the ps3. I have done this in the past and it works fine.5. Best Media Server for the PS3?I got fed up with XP crashing and losing data on my Maxtor OneTouch drive. Thus I got my old computer out of the loft (1ghz 350ish mb ram 20gb HD) installed Ubuntu OS, plugged my OneTouch (500gb) in and formatted it EXT3 file system. This allowed me to use it as a file-server. Installed Fuppes media server (also available in windows flavour if needed I think) This allows me to stream music, videos and photos to my PS3. The only problem I have is that the PS3 does not like all of the video formats I have and I currently can not get Fuppes to transcode on the fly. So now when I go to the PS3, in each of the Photos, music and videos catagories I have an icon called fuppes that shows up and allows me to browse my media on the file server.6. Installing Plex media server unofficial appstore?I got it to work here are my steps for anyone else looking for an answer.downloaded plex for ubuntu on the plex website.installed via software managerdownloaded unsupported appstore on github. It was a zipfile. I ran command I extracted the zip file there in the plugin folder. Then you have to change the name of the unsupportedappstore.master-bundle to unsupportedappstore.bundlerun command:That will rename the appstore plugin. change back the permission of plug in folder lastly restart plex7. Can I use Ubuntu as a wireless media server which performs all decoding/processing server-side?If you want the "media server" to perform all processing and only the "screen and speakers" to be used on the remote side, and to do this over wifi, you need to use HDMI-over-WiFi
Ps3 Media Server Problem?
The problem might be with the streaming. Try letting it load for a few minutes before actually attempting to watch the movie(s)1. does my pc that has the movie content must be on for a media server to work?So you streaming the movies from your computer to your ps3? or are the files already on the ps3 or on the server? If they files are on the ps3 then no.. If the files are on the computer and then yes. If the files are on a server then the server must be on but not a computer. Hope this helps.. Plus give me a thumbs up if it helped !!2. Plex Media Server Working on UbuntuI have tried to follow several posts for setting up a Plex Media Server on Ubnutu 16.04 and up with no luck. It works perfectly on 14.04 so I suggest if you are having difficulties as I did, Just use 14.04 and the setup is very straight forward.The only change that is needed is editing this file:and changing the plex user to you as here:The user that PMS should run as, defaults to 'plex' note that if you change this you might need to move the Application Support directory to not lose your media library (match what is in /etc/passwd)Changing Groups and restarting ServiceStop the service:Then add user steve to Group Plex:and finally start back the service:I hope this helps someone like me that spent 2 days banging their head on the keyboard! :)3. Hard drive options for home media serverWhat about Drobo?The revolutionary Drobo FS was designed with one purpose in mind: to deliver the best file sharing experience ever. From the moment you plug it in and it instantly appears on your desktop, you will know there's nothing like it. The all-in-one Drobo FS is perfect for any connected home, home office, or small office environment needing a simple, safe device for sharing and backing up files over the network. Like all Drobo storage products, Drobo FS provides redundant data protection without the complexities of RAID. Just plug in your Drobo FS and your data protection is all set up with no configuration required. We call this BeyondRAID technology. You will call it peace of mind4. Plex media server is not detecting symbolic linkI was wrong. After fiddling with symlinks, I realized my mistake. Target folders/files need reading permissions. You have to chmod -R r SOURCE_FOLDER. Now the symbolic links work as intended.As far as I can tell, Plex does not recognize symbolic links. I've tried symlinks to both, files and folders, to no avail. This discussion from 2013-2015 in a plex forum suggest to symlink directories, but it did not work for me5. PS3, a media server error occurred?A Media Server Error huh. Well try calling sony and see what the problem is with it6. ps3 network problem .ps3 disconnected from media server media server ?dont test your connection, this will reset everything and u will have to enter everything again. it u have a router, try disconnecting the powet and putting it on. (when mine says disconnected from server, i would turn off then turn on my router and it will work again)7. What is the RA Media Server?Check out this thread, on the Dell Community forum. From the thread:this account is created by Dell Remote Access application.uninstall Dell remote access application and delete the user RA Media serverYou can find more about it there, including steps for uninstalling Dell Remote Access and deleting the account. You do not normally need this account, you can safely delete it, if you want.8. WIN 7 IIS, apache and media server all not working PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!?helpful it particularly is achievable. confirm to make efficient that a million. the DB service is working on the 2003 server, 2. you are utilising the biggest stunning credentials (eg. username & password) 3. that your packet internet site travelers is not being blocked to the port assigned to the listening DB service. If all else fails attempt guy mysl. stable fulfillment9. How to setup media server for ps3?wireless?the right way!10. How do you host an online radio station from a media server?You would need some form of playout software which handles the actual playing of the music you want to use. You will also need an encoder to take that music and stream it to your audience. You would have to have a pretty hard core media server to handle a large number of listeners, so i would encourage using an online streaming service. But if you really want to do it purely on your media server, you just need the relevant software. You would also need to install the relevant streaming services on your media centre. Iceboats or Shoutcast etc. Set it up and then you would use your playout software to play the music, your encoder to send the music to your streaming software and your streaming software to send it out to the world. Hope this makes sense. Carl.
Sync Music to Ubuntu One From Media Server?
As far as I know, NFS does not support inotify, which is likely used heavily for filesync with Ubuntu One. I also seem to remember that Ubuntu One does not sync files and folders from outside your home directory.Your suggestion sounded best to me. Do I get an upvote for that? :)1. How to stop my PS3 displaying "The ps3 has been disconnected from the media server"?On your COMPUTER. go to windows media player options and turn of media server. Then somewhere under xmb settings somewhere i remember an option to turn off media servers2. What is a media server?well, my media server is a custom built HTPC that only holds movies, music, and pictures. I have it hooked to my TV as a monitor, and eventually I plan on automating my home with it. Have to save up the cash for that first though...3. PS3 and PC Media Server help?Download it and run it. Then go to 'launch file server', then 'settings' and manually enter all your approved download directories. You could just add C: if you like then your entire computer would be accessible from the PS3. When you are done setting it up close that page and check your computers address on the file server box. Under "file server active" it will have an ip address. Go to the internet browser on your PS3 and type in that address, now you can access the files on your computer. TVersity and Orb are also great media servers. Very basically just download and install, set them up to which directories you want access to, make sure they have permission to pass your firewall and then get the PS3 to search for the media server and presto you are in! You can even stream video and audio straight from your computer to the PS3.4. ts muxer keeps crashing in ps3 media server streaming mkv files?It is not easy to analysis this issue through infos above, but here are some tips that may help. Tip 1: Is your ts muxer version 1.10.6? Tip 2: Before convert MKV to M2TS for playback on PS3 with tsMuxeR, you should check whether the computer hard disk has plenty vacant space. At least there are enough space that can hold the entire copy of original MKV.5. How to setup media-server on ubuntu watch movies on mobile in local network and from internet?I found an solution i downloaded plex from it is awesome and free it is just what i wanted and very easy to setup :)14.04 and below15.10 and 16.04Download here6. Plex Media Server: Won't find media External Hard DriveIt is most likely a permissions issue with Plex. Read this page for info on Plex permissions. Also consider creating a folder on the external dedicated to your media then creating a mount point for it in your fstab entries, mounting it as the user plex.7. What is the best media server available for Windows 7?every thing you are talking about is ready built in to windows 7. learn how to use it. .8. What specs should I look for in a home media server?No offense yet your question is stupid, it looks such as you have in basic terms clicked on choosing everying that replaced into the main costly, ie: 32gb ram - thank you to lots HD 7970 - superb unmarried gpu card on the industry that in basic terms got here out, come on9. Raspberry Pi 3 as Plex Media Server (local without transcoding)Your potential problems:your problem maybe due to video bitrate, you may have noticed that video from certain places such as a certain website or file type such as .mp4 may have less issues while playing video than other video file types or from different places. This is likely due to bandwidth limitations which is why videos using a lower bitrate or a highly compressed file type such as mp4 may be playing with less stutter than other videos. Furthermore another problem that you may be facing is that it is likely that devices such as your tv may not support hardware decoding of certain file types which may be forcing the pi to decode the video or may be forcing the client to decode the video sans hardware acceleration which is what may be causing the lag.My opinion on which on of these is most likely the problem:The first paragraph is likely to be your true problem but also ties into the problem below that one. This is likely because the pi share bandwidth between the usb and ethernet because ethernet is simply a built in adapter, using a better usb to ethernet adapter may help with your problem. But also do keep in mind that your video must be loaded via usb off your hard drive then sent back over usb to the ethernet bridge via the same bus so stellar performance should not be expected. The solution: I recommend that you go through your video library at random and find out which ones that lag and look for a pattern in them, maybe they all have the same file type or maybe they all have a high video bitrate, and be sure to preform this testing with multiple client devices so that we can rule out client side lag. If your problem is consistent with videos of a certain bitrate you will likely need to re-encode those videos using software such as ffmpeg or similar to compress those videos and lower their bitrates.
How to Create a Media Server for PS3?
Install media sharing software. Very good and reliable program. Just install it, share needed media and enjoy1. High usage media server performance question Backup solutionfirstly I want to thank you for such a detailed and well-written question, I only wish that 10% of the questions we got here were as cleanly thought out and explained.The first thing to point out is that I do not think you should be thinking of moving to a 54xx-series Xeon - they are not only very old and inefficient (both in terms of capability but also watts/heat) but they've been replaced - TWICE. There was a simply huge jump in performance between the 54xx-series and the 55xx ('Nehelam') CPUs, especially for the general web server usage you appear to have. The second thing to point out is DON'T USE RAID 0, ever, especially with large, probably consumer-grade (such as option 3's 'green' disks), SATA disks - it will impact your system availability enormously. Always use a higher RAID level, even the much-hated R5 if you have to over R0 ok. So that's option 2 out.Now obviously you are happy with, I was not aware of them but they seem fine and if you are happy then you are doing well. You do not mention whether you NEED the uptime capability that two servers gives you or whether it's a WANT/LIKE. The reason I ask is that offer a 55xx-series Xeon-based solution that will not only outperform your current pair of 3220's but by some margin. If you could get one of those with the storage you like (if you can try to get RAID 10 - it will perform and be safer) then I think you would be happy.2. Can anyone tell me how to set up a media server conection from my plystation to my computer?I am wondering the same exact thing... I wish I could help you, but Im going to keep an eye on your thread. Thanks for posting a question I was in need of an answer to as well3. I want to use my computer as a media server for my ps3?Download TVersity, its a free program. load all your media files into tversty, fire up your PS3 online, go to the music section on your XMB, click on the TVersity logo. there's your files4. digital dvd,media server,external hardrive, questions.?Another thing to look into might be the popcorn hour ad-110 or the hdx 1000. You can install a hard drive in them and run it completely off that or you can stream your files from another computer. If you do some research on these you will find they each have their pros and cons but are both made in the same factory and essentially do the same thing. They are also pretty customizable if you want to get into the guts of the system and want to mess around with the code and skins etc. You can also hook this up to a home server and stream all of your files off of that computer to get the experience you want.5. How do you create a media server on your laptop so that ps3 can find it?however if you want to stream Itunes content then you are out of luck6. how can i make my old acer laptop into a media server?acer computers are one of the worst computers made, I would not suggest to anyone to get an acer, unless they are short on funds. You need a much better computer to be a media server7. Choosing hardware for Flash Media ServerWhat sort of network connection are you planning to have? the reason I ask is that we stream at around 6Mbps, a thousand unicast users at that speed is around 6Gbps - your server will keep up but will your switches/load-balancers/firewalls/routers?As for a server, well for consistent 6Gbps of traffic (plus the ingress and transcoding work) you should really use a 'proper' server, i.e. not a desktop PC pretending to be a server, with at least 4 recent Xeon or Opteron cores, 6-12GB memory, a 64-bit OS, a pair of hardware-mirrored fairly standard boot/app disks and a pair of 10GB NICs (it's much harder to consistently feed multiple 1GB NICs). Then your choice of OS based on your available skills base.
Why Serverless Architecture Makes Sense for Live-Streaming Video
PlayOn! Sports, headquartered in Atlanta, is a multi-faceted media company centered around live-streaming high school sports. With a dedicated and expanding user base, theyre looking into new ways to increase service while decreasing costs. We sat down with PlayOns Jay Sandhaus a few weeks ago to talk about how the companys using serverless architecture to address its unique business needs. What got you interested in serverless architectures?To take a couple of steps back and provide some context, we are a small startup. We have a very small technology budget comparatively speaking, and we want to stay focused on building products for consumers and for our content creators. We dont have a lot of resources for an ops team. So the more efficient our operations are in terms of resources needed, the more I am able to put into development.We have been talking about serverless architectures for a long time. When Amazon released Lambdawhich was really the first nominally commercial grade environment in which you could actually execute something like thatwe got really excited at its potential. So one way to reduce cost is to constantly to take away infrastructure whenever we can. So a serverless architecture is the apex of that concept. Thats why we are using a platform like Amazon in the first place. Even though the per-execution cost of a function in Lambda is an order or magnitude more expensive than executing the function on your own server, when you factor in all the time that the servers are doing nothing (which is the overwhelming majority of the time) it becomes really very efficient from a cost perspective. So that was certainly something that got us very interested.One way to reduce cost is to constantly to take away infrastructure whenever we canExactly how do you use this design in your application?So for us, we have a very special use case: were transcoding a lot of live video. PlayOn! Sports streams live video of high school sports. We have an unusual model in that for most people streaming live video, the typical media company, has a small number of live streams and a large audience for each one of those streams.Were the opposite. We try to help high schools all across the country stream events like Friday night football live. We might have between 400 to 500 inbound live streams at the same time, but the audience for each of those will be between hundred and few thousand people. If youre a big media company, you can go and apply $250,000 dollars worth of hardware so that it streams properly and is transcoded into a million different flavors, we obviously cant do that. The economics just dont work. So a serverless architecture for transcoding is the first opportunity weve had to tackle some really thorny video problems that have a high degree of computational and resource fan-out, without having to invest an enormous amount into infrastructure. This is really crucial to us: its solving a business problem for us that we could not solve before.Did you consider using Amazons transcoding service?No, not really. From our vantage point its expensive. It was priced with larger media companies in mind. So where are you at with it? Is it a POC? Is it deployed?It is deployed in the sense that we are testing it on the fields and schools. But it is beyond a proof of concept. I guess you would probably describe it as alpha testing.This is interesting. Seems like a fairly different different use case to what one might have suspected. Yeah, absolutely. Its not about static content, its about live video, which is kind of a funny use case for it. Thats also why were sort of backed into using something like this, because there arent a lot of affordable options in the marketplace.Is it only Lambda that you are using? What other services are you weaving together?Were also using Dynamo, SNS and Cloudfront from where we serve the content, and S3 for storage. Lambda is a very good fit for what, in our case, is a mildly asynchronous workflow. We can suffer a few seconds of latency, and Lambda is good enough for that.What do you do about testing? Some AWS services such as Dynamo, you can run locally, but a whole load of other Amazon services, such as SNS or Cloudfront, there isnt exactly a local equivalent that you can run on the average developer workstation. So what is the testing story like? How do you make sure that the application works?Well, one advantage we have here is that the actual workflow inside of Lambda of what ends up being executed is somewhat discreet and fairly testable. For example, theres a piece of video, which is picked up by five or six different jobs, and then its kind of stitched together back at the end.And theres a whole separate process for creating a playlist based on what came in and what came out. The hardest thing to test there are the timing issues: Is something available when we thought it was going to be available? Right now we are building tests that trigger something locally and see what happens in the cloud. However, we dont have the sort of cyclical effects that people might have, you know, where theres data coming in, that triggers one job, that then triggers another job, and so on.Thats useful to know. Because we are talking to some people who are trying to weave together four or five different services. Yeah, I think might be nearly impossible to debug and test something like that. But right now we dont have that problem.Any parting thoughts?I guess as a factor of the use case Im glad to say that not a lot of time has gone into fine-tuning Lambda. Most of our time has gone into manipulating the video. Its actually a fairly hard problem to parallelize video transcoding.I was very concerned initially about a small percent of the jobs vanishing, or taking an arbitrarily long period of time to finish. At least so far, that hasnt happened. Things are just working the way we expected them to. So far its a gold star for Lambda and serverless architecture.So far its a gold star for Lambda and serverless architecture. In terms of problems, this will be an easier question to answer two to three months from now when we leaving beta and have widespread usage. Because then, with people using it all the time, Ill be trying to figure out how to transition between version 1.0 and version 1.1. Validating which version of each function we are executingthat could become challenging. Some mysterious problem may come up with the architecture, it may not. I feel like with something this new and this sort of incomplete, we are going to eventually stumble into a dark corner where theres no obvious answer. But so far, for our near real-time application, serverless is very good. ConclusionAlthough its still early days, serverless architecture can essentially evaporate architecture, freeing up administrators to deal with the inherent complexity of their domain rather than its framework. Not every businessin fact, I would argue, very few businesses at this pointare going entirely serverless across every sub-section of their product. The most common set-up right now, that were seeing, is people putting small, critical parts of their application on Amazon, and then leave the core inside their existing infrastructure. The benefit of this is for that small niche of the application, they can get Amazon-level scalability, reliability, stability, etc, in a way that they could not get even if they were to attempt to scale their own little microservice components. So far this does not seem to be a one-size-fits-all solution, but in many cases, it not only fits but makes the application more virile. To learn more about real-life examples like PlayOn! Sports of where and how serverless architecture works, we hope youll continue to read the other blog posts in this series. This is Part Two in a series on Serverless Architecture. To read more, click here
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